• The Small but Mighty Pea Protein in Rural America

    A co-production of Pioneer PBS and WORLD, Local, USA's "Minnesota's Alt-Meat Revolution" examines the effects that alternative meats have on the residents of Dawson, MN and surrounding communities. Host Amanda Anderson explores the "hows" and "whys" in which manufacturer PURIS and plant-based protein has touched this rural midwestern town. Learn more about these intertwining stories and the ways that the growing popularity of plant-based options already have and will have on us, agriculture, the economy and the planet in this watch guide.

  • AfroPoP Leads with 'Liberated Lives' and Narrative Filmmaking for 16th Season

    For 16 seasons, AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange has featured contemporary documentaries reflecting the spirit, ingenuity and resilience found among people across the African diaspora. Season 16 of the series, premiering on-air and streaming on YouTube starting April 1, includes its first ever feature-length narrative episodes, plus two nonfiction films that explore dynamic stories that go beyond the expected and celebrate the Black experience.

  • Stories of Women Leaders and Liberated Lives: What to Watch on WORLD in March

    On WORLD, Women’s History Month is about shining a spotlight on how women and girls across cultures and societies uplift themselves and their communities by finding strength and camaraderie amongst one another. This March, explore the mighty change that occurs when women assert their power in business, the arts, education, and beyond, plus watch the first installment in our new content theme, Liberated Lives, following stories of individuals transitioning from incarceration to reintegration and the experiences of those who support them.

  • America ReFramed Acquires the Compelling Documentary 'A Woman on the Outside' to Open WORLD's 'Liberated Lives'

    On March 28, A Woman on the Outside will premiere as part of the 12th season of WORLD's IDA Documentary Award-winning series America ReFramed to open our newest content theme, "Liberated Lives," an ongoing collection of films showcasing stories of individuals transitioning from incarceration to reintegration and the experiences of those who support them.

  • Black Excellence in Academics & Athletics: HBCU Week with Maryland Public Television’s Travis Mitchell

    Over the last four years, Maryland Public Television (MPT) has dedicated a week of programming to celebrating HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). This month, WORLD premieres two episodes of Local, USA exploring these under-told stories. In an exclusive interview, MPT's Travis Mitchell shares why he wanted to spotlight the many ways in which HBCUs have contributed to American history and society.

  • WORLD Expands Chris Hastings' Role to Editor-in-Chief and Executive Producer

    WORLD has announced the promotion of Chris Hastings to the dual role of Editor-in-Chief and Executive Producer. Since 2011, Hastings has been at the forefront of content curation and editorial strategy at WORLD, playing a pivotal role in its ascent as the leading platform for multicultural voices and storytelling that mirrors the rich tapestry of human experiences. Stepping into this enhanced position, Hastings is poised to introduce groundbreaking innovations in storytelling, aiming to forge deeper connections with audiences across new and emerging platforms, transcending the confines of traditional broadcasting.

  • 'Minnesota's Alt-Meat Revolution': Housing, Day Care are Biggest Challenges to Rural Growth

    On a new episode of "Minnesota's Alt-Meat Revolution," watch how the arrival of PURIS is providing new job opportunities in Dawson, MN, but a shortage of housing and child care proves to be challenges to true rural growth.

  • Jaime Harrison and the Politics of Race in South Carolina: Filmmakers Emily Harrold and Charlamagne Tha God on ‘In the Bubble with Jaime’

    'In the Bubble with Jaime' follows Jaime Harrison as he launches his 2020 campaign opposing Lindsey Graham against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic and a racially- and politically-divided electorate. Director Emily Harrold and executive producer Charlamagne Tha God share what drew them to Harrison and his campaign and how it painted a larger picture of where politics and the people stand in their home state and beyond.

  • What Black Stories Tell Us About America’s History & Its Future: Democracy & Civil Rights Documentaries on WORLD

    At a time in American history when uplifting Black voices is necessary for true progress, WORLD honors the past, recognizes the present and eyes the future with hope during Black History Month. Eyes on the Prize returns while four new Local, USA films explore the Black experience in America.

  • New Documentaries Premiering Exclusively on WORLD YouTube

    Every month, WORLD subscribers can watch a new documentary, exclusive to YouTube, exploring how individuals and communities come together to create positive change. Stream on any device, any time.