Jack & Yaya

From a young age, Yaya and Jack saw each other as they truly were, a girl and a boy, even though most of the world didn’t see them that way. As they grew older, they supported each other as they both came out as transgender. JACK & YAYA follows these two friends for a year and explores their unique, thirty-year relationship.


The Cost of Inheritance

THE COST OF INHERITANCE, an America ReFramed special, explores the complex issue of reparations in the U.S. using a thoughtful approach to history, historical injustices, systemic inequities, and critical dialogue on racial conciliation. Through personal narratives, community inquiries, and scholarly insights, it aims to inspire understanding of the scope and rationale of the reparations debate.


15 Films to Watch to Celebrate Juneteenth

Juneteenth, considered the longest-running African American holiday, honors the official end of slavery in the United States and celebrates liberty and justice. 2022 will mark the first time Juneteenth is observed by all 50 states. In celebration of Juneteenth, WORLD Channel invites you to stream films that champion Black stories, human rights and the continuing fight for equality.


Adventure Ahead

In the realm of the unknown, each adventure paves the way for revelation. Jynelle rediscovers the joys of adventure through her mother's eyes; a moment with Arctic terns redefines Mark’s understanding of perseverance; and Shannon steps up to the plate in a Beep Baseball showdown, where a rivalry ignites the field. Three storytellers, three interpretations of ADVENTURE AHEAD, hosted by Wes Hazard.



This June, new films and streaming stories on WORLD celebrate Pride Month, Juneteenth, Immigrant Heritage Month and more.

On June 13, watch a new America ReFramed film, Como Vivimos (How We Live), sharing the lives of migrant farmworkers in California as they strive for economic mobility. And on June 24, a Pride Month double feature unifies the experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community with American Problems, Trans Solutions and Proud To Be.

Plus, explore our Juneteenth Viewer’s Guide and celebrate the freedoms, achievements and equality in Black communities.

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What's New

Immigrant Heritage, Pride & Juneteenth: This June on WORLD

This month on WORLD, we spotlight new films and streaming stories that demonstrate the collective power of immigrants in America, people living with pride and uplifting others, and the enduring quest for racial, social and financial equity across our nation, including a new America ReFramed premiere and Pride Month double feature.

PRIDE Stories

June marks the celebration of PRIDE, a time to honor LGBTQIA+ trailblazers that represent owning your truth. During PRIDE Month, WORLD Channel shares stories of community leaders, friends, families and creators who take pride in themselves.

My Home Is Here

How do we define "home"? From stories of rural communities striving to be seen to explorations of what it means to feel at home, explore the economic, environmental and social issues that affect ways of life across the nation. From the heartland of America to Native lands, from the unacknowledged to the underserved, who are the people facing critical challenges and changes while fighting for a place to call home?

Liberated Lives

Liberated Lives, a compelling curated collection from WORLD, showcases stories of individuals transitioning from incarceration to reintegration. Highlighting resilience, transformation, and the journey toward redemption, it's more than a series of documentaries – it's a movement that amplifies the voices of those often marginalized and encourages viewers to recognize their role in our democracy.

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