Houston, Texas - the nation’s most ethnically diverse metropolitan area - is a community of people who have learned the fine art of resilience. Sneha travels a difficult road from sickness to health; actors and improv turn Brendan’s playwriting from lemon into lemonade; and Ebony learns the secret to taming her stress. Three stories, three interpretations of RESILIENCE, hosted by Theresa Okokon.


"The Good Road" Seeks Out 'Philanthropology' Around the World

In THE GOOD ROAD, Earl Bridges and Craig Martin – longtime philanthropists and best friends – trek around the world to meet people who are making a difference in their communities. In season two, the hosts explore places closer to home like Virginia, South Carolina and Puerto Rico, and destinations abroad such as India and the Burmese border, where the duo discovers inspiring change-makers and the limitless power of good.

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The Latino Factor: Impact on Boston and Beyond

Did you know that if U.S. Latinos were a country, their GDP would be ranked seventh in the world? Latinos are the second-fastest growing population in the country over the past decade. Join award-winning journalist Jorge Quiroga and guests to discuss the impact of Latinos in America on voting, the political stage and in the workforce. Presented by GBH/WORLD Channel and the Latino Equity Fund.


No Longer Invisible: The Disability Community During COVID-19

When the pandemic created alternative work environments globally, employees with disabilities, especially those with invisible disabilities like mental health conditions, are now being more widely recognized and accommodated within the workforce.

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Our full line-up of programming this month covers topics from ability in the workplace to identity, including a new season of Stories from the Stage and our collection of Latinx stories. Explore more with our October Viewer’s Guide, adding new voices to the conversation around diversity during Global Diversity Awareness Month.

We continue to amplify the Latinx community with Hispanic Heritage Month films, featuring the premiere of America ReFramed’s FIVE YEARS NORTH and upcoming Oct. 27th panel discussion with award-winning veteran journalist Jorge Quiroga and guests about the impact of Latinos in America on the political stage and in the workforce.

Plus, explore a new slate of Discover Your World programming, offering science, history, culture, social justice and international news content every weekday from 2pm to 5pm ET for those who love learning. 

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