Intelligent Lives

INTELLIGENT LIVES follows three young adults with intellectual disabilities: Micah, Naieer and Naomie, who, with the support of family, educators and colleagues, work toward a future marked with increased inclusion and independence. Their lives challenge staid notions of intelligence as they navigate high school, college and the workforce. Narrated by Academy Award-winning actor, Chris Cooper.

Veterans Coming Home: Women in the Military

Five documentary shorts from the VETERANS COMING HOME project look at women in the military: "Wife, Mother, Soldier" (WNPT), "For the Benefit of the Team" (KCPT), "Peacefully Organic" (WPT), "America’s Funniest Vets Are Serious About Service" (WHRO), and "On the Home Front."

Tariq's Cube

Follow Tariq Ali into the world of Rubik’s cube competitions. His progress as a speedcuber mirrors his journey growing up - Tariq comes to terms with a family tragedy and his multiracial identity as a Muslim American in a country where hate crimes are on the rise. In the midst of it all, Tariq says “I just love cubing so much...I come to the competitions and I feel like I leave a better person."

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