Local, USA

Legal Lens

Season 05  Episode 4

Twelve Harvard Law students from six countries explore how laws and regulations can both disrupt lives and encourage constructive change. With intimate and powerful profiles of people -- either caught in or helped by the levers of the law -- five short films examine the jeopardy to people's homes and lives: neighborhood gentrification; innovative programs for veterans convicted of crimes; climate change and environmental dangers; pregnancy/parenting discrimination; and changes in the Temporary Protected Status for immigrants and their children born as U.S. citizens.

On Monday, June 28, watch LEGAL LENS on Local, USA on TV, online at worldchannel.org and the PBS app. The whole series, which is comprised of five shorts, will premiere throughout the week, one per day, exclusively on YouTube - join the live chat with the team and subjects of Legal Lens by subscribing to our YouTube channel.