America ReFramed

Moroni for President

Season 06  Episode 17

Every four years, the Navajo Nation elects its president, whom many consider the most powerful Native American in the country. Frustrated about the lack of progress in the reservation, Moroni Benally, a witty academic with radical ideas, hopes to defeat the incumbent president. MORONI FOR PRESIDENT follows the political newcomer’s grueling, lonely campaign against the “old guard,” and the monumental effort it takes to change the narrative and inspire people to move in new directions.

In the midst of a frenzied election to determine the next President of the tribe, questions of sovereignty, language and identity, as well as recognition of LGBTQ rights come to fore. Fraught with challenges, Moroni soon discovers that theory and a platform does not necessarily prepare you for the daily dirt of politics and the unpredictability of voter’s choice. MORONI FOR PRESIDENT takes the audience to every corner of the iconic American Southwest and shines a light on pressing social issues facing Native Americans in today's United States.

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