The History of White People in America

Through musical animated shorts, Webby-nominated THE HISTORY OF WHITE PEOPLE IN AMERICA examines how skin color has come to define race in our country. The shorts capture the truth of what it means to be American – that “us” and “them” are constantly redefined, that our racial history deserves contemplation, and that above all else we are bound by our rich differences in experience and identity.


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Season 1

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    How America Invented Race

    The white “race” was invented by rich Virginians in 1676 in the aftermath of a populous rebellion of impoverished, indentured, and enslaved Africans and Europeans now known as Bacon’s Rebellion.

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    How America Outlawed Interracial Marriage

    In the decades after Bacon's Rebellion, an African man and an English woman - husband and wife - sing of their their fate, their future as law by law, edict by edict, their family, their marriage, their love are made illegal.

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    How America Made Skin Color Power

    How skin became color, color became race and race became power as told by President Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemings, and one of their six children, Eston Hemings.

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