Pacific Heartbeat

Hawai'i's Precious Resources

Season 12  Episode 1204

Three short films that explore the delicate balance in Hawai‘i’s ecosystems, that encourage us to reflect on our relationship with the natural world and show us that even the smallest species, like Hawaiian tree snails, and ornamental trees, like the coconut, are worth saving.

In KÂHULI, cultural and scientific experts guide us through what stands to be lost if Hawai‘i’s snails go extinct.

AFTER THE ENDLING takes us on an experiential journey through the world of shadow puppetry.

KUMU NIU: The island of O'ahu is covered with coconut palms, but for fear of liability the vast majority of these sacred trees have been stripped of coconuts. The grassroots movement "Niu Now" is on a mission to restore the "niu," or coconut, as a fundamental food crop in Hawai'i and spread the Indigenous wisdom of "aloha 'âina:" loving land and serving people.