Doc World

Sky and Ground

Season 03  Episode 1

Life in Syria was always brutal under the Assad regime, but once the siege of Aleppo began in earnest, 29-year-old Abdallhah Nabi had no choice but to lead his family out of the war-torn country. Known as Guevara for his charisma, convictions, and leadership, his family leaves all they knew behind in Syria and hopes of a better future.

Crossing three countries in three months, SKY AND GROUND follows side-by-side with the family as they face countless setbacks, heartaches and threats of deportation. From crowded refugee camps, to hiding in bushes and crossing fenced borders, the family endeavors to find safety and asylum in Europe.

With the global refugee crisis getting worse, immigration and refugees continue to be a hot button issue among U.S. and European politics. This story gives an intimate look into the humanity of the refugees themselves and their heart wrenching struggles.


Follow the Nabi family's journey with this interactive map: