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12:00 PM

Illustrative Math: Grade 6, Unit 6, Lesson 10: The Distributive Property, Part 2

Length: 26 Minutes

12:30 PM

Illustrative Math: Grade 7, Unit 6, Lesson 10: Different Options for Solving One Equation

Length: 26 Minutes

1:00 PM

Illustrative Math: Grade 8, Unit 7, Lesson 2: Multiplying Powers of Ten

Length: 26 Minutes

1:30 PM

Illustrative Math: Algebra 1, Unit 7, Lesson 7: Rewriting Quadratic Expressions in Factored Form (Part 2)

Length: 26 Minutes

2:00 PM

SciGirls: Habitat Havoc

Length: 28 Minutes

2:30 PM

SciGirls: Dolphin Dive

Length: 28 Minutes

3:00 PM

The Vote: American Experience: Test Tube Babies

The Vote: American Experience
Test Tube Babies
Length: 56 Minutes

Pioneering researchers attempting to conceive babies through in vitro fertilization faced daunting obstacles and much controversy before the world's first test tube baby was born on July 25, 1978.

4:00 PM

Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed The World: The Robot

Length: 56 Minutes